4 Ports Mobile Phone Charger 4.4A Fast Charger- White

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  • Product parameters

  • Brand: seelai
  • Product Name: dual USB travel fast charger
  • Certification: 3C safety certification
  • Material: PC fireproof material
  • Color: white
  • Input: wide voltage 100-240V
  • Output: 5.0v/4.4a Max
  • Scope of application: support most of the mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital products on the market

  • This universal dual USB charger can charge digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets very quickly. Charging for 30 minutes will bring the phone's battery to 75%. Compared with the traditional charger, the flash charging speed is several times faster, which is 3C safety certification. The latest 4.4A fast charging system can make your device charge several times faster than normal... It enables your battery to get more juice in a shorter charging time.

  • Refuse to explode and charge safely
  • Built in high performance transformer, derating of power devices and design of voltage stabilizing loop
  • Ensure stable output of voltage and current, and say goodbye to unsafe explosion

  • Not only fast but also safe
  • Intelligent matching charging equipment needs current, safe, efficient and fast charging
  • Avoid battery damage due to excessive current

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